Let yourself be heard!

We will no longer be silent about the blatant racial injustices and prejudice that has plagued not only our nation but our communities. We have heard the voices of our students and want to provide a platform for you to express your opinions and thoughts on the recent and tragic loss of black lives. We serve a diverse community of various races and ethnicities and respect the emotions and words of all our students. In response to the request from our students, we are a family and want to hear from you. Unfortunately, we are not able to gather to protest or hold a vigil, but what we can do is share the words captured in our hearts on our social media platforms. Please send a video, photo, poetry, quotes, etc. to the link below. As you share your feelings and frustrations, make sure to refrain from profanity. Your words are powerful and life-changing. Together, we will stand united against the social disease of racism because Black Lives Matter!