Special Education

At our sites, we focus on assisting students in the general education classroom. Any small group instruction outside the general education classroom is targeted and for a brief and specific number of sessions. For students that qualify, we also offer services in speech, counseling, and Occupational Therapy (OT) as well.


A new student enrolling with an IEP already in place will have services, accommodations, and interventions listed in the IEP document. We will not deny enrollment of any student that has an IEP. Enrollment at our sites will only be denied due to a lack of space or if the student has been expelled from another district. All new students will have a 30 day interim IEP held as required by law. We will review services and placement based upon the previous IEP and make an offer of FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) as a team.  We will work with the student’s parent(s) and our teachers to provide services appropriate to the student’s needs.  


Students struggling in education will receive multi-tiered general education interventions before being referred for special education assessment. Should the general education interventions not result in student progress, experts from all necessary areas will assess the student and report findings to parent, teacher, principal, and other IEP team members. The team determines qualification for special education and the services, interventions, accommodations, or modifications required. If the needs or the placement of the student are outside of the services that the site can provide, we will seek support from the SELPA and may change placement of the student in order to meet his or her needs.


Our Specialized Academic Instructors work with students in the

general education classroom.   This model ensures the student

the best chance to progress with general education peers.


The REAL Journey Academies Special Education Department does not endorse the Special Day Classes model and thus may not be the correct fit for students significantly below grade level.


Parents, if you believe your student may require services beyond the typical general education classroom please complete the following form: Click here!