Grade 9

This foundational year introduces 9th grade students to the 12 entrepreneurial skills. Students learn basic research skills by completing a SWOT analysis of San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. Students take skills/interest surveys to determine their topics of interest and the types of activities/professions that best match their personalities. Students experience discovery tours to gain understandings of various businesses available to them, and specifically, the businesses that operate in San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. Ninth-grade classes include Innovation Studios (Introduction to Entrepreneurship) and Mobile Makers (Building Mobile Applications).

Grade 10

The second year of entrepreneurship begins by assigning students to a mentor at one of our partner businesses or organizations. Students continue to hone their ideation and research skills, and begin to narrow their focus on one of our entrepreneur pathways. Students continue to take discovery tours to local and regional businesses. Tenth-grade classes include Entrepreneurial Skills and Mobile Makers 2 (Advanced Mobile Applications).

Grade 11

The third year of entrepreneurship is characterized by the development of a business and/or career plan. Students begin to apply the entrepreneurial skills they have learned, and most begin to devote time to internships. The primary 11th-grade entrepreneur class is Business Generator I, a full entrepreneur curriculum designed to guide facilitators and students through the process of launching a business.

Grade 12

The fourth year of entrepreneurship differs for each student depending on the business/career plan he or she had completed during 11th grade. Students who have designed viable businesses and received funding will matriculate into the Business Generator II course to further develop their businesses. Some students will continue with internships, and most will be taking dual enrollment courses at local community colleges.